Document Security A Key Opportunity For Xerox Partners Amid Push Toward Managed Print Services

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Xerox's Feldman added that he "absolutely" expects managed security services to continue being an integral part of the Xerox MPS portfolio as agents and dealers look to add more value-added services to their sales accounts.

Simplicity, and ensuring that all of a device's security features are being properly leveraged, are also key components of the Xerox security emphasis.

"Partners tend to sell into smaller businesses that may have unsophisticated support staffs," Steve Hoover, Xerox CTO and senior vice president, told CRN. "If you built a lot of capabilities but they're not being utilized, have you really helped people? We put a lot of emphasis on ease of use. We put in a security software agent to walk people through and easily implement the security features that are on the device. We have gotten a lot of really positive feedback from our partners and resellers about that. That helps them provide that to their customers, and that's a real differentiator."

Terry Greenan Jr., vice president at New York-based multi-brand dealer Greenan Business Products, said that the rise of Internet of Things-enabled devices has heightened customer awareness of print security needs. In fact, he echoed Gallagher's sentiment that security can be the gateway to net-new business as executive-level decision-makers become more involved in technology purchase decisions.

"[Security] actually leads a lot more than speeds and feeds. Businesses can deal with spending a little more if it's going to save them from a big loss or a big data breach. If you're leading with that, you're selling more value," Greenan said.

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