4 Cool New Workstations In Dell's Precision Lineup

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Dell Precision Workstations

Dell's Latest Workstations

Getting a workstation at an affordable price point doesn't mean users need to cut back severely on CPU or graphics power. That's the message from Dell with the launch of several new entry-level Precision 3000 workstations -- which offer major horsepower with some of the latest chips from Intel, Nvidia and AMD, but have starting prices of between $650 and $900. Key applications for the new tower and rack workstations include virtual reality production and medical imaging, according to Dell. The company also has reduced the footprint of the Precision 3000 workstations from previous generations, allowing for use in a wider variety of environments, and has refreshed its Precision 5820 Tower with new processors, as well.

Here are some key details on four new Dell Precision workstations.

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