5 Things To Know About Cisco's Promise Of An 'Always-On' Intent-Based Network

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Good Intentions

Cisco Systems Tuesday introduced Network Assurance Engine and DNA Center Assurance, two new software systems the company said can give customers clear visibility into the efficiency, operation and security of intent-based networks.

The Network Assurance Engine is aimed at intent-based systems in data centers using Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure, while DNA Center Assurance covers branch and campus networks using Cisco Meraki technology. The systems are based on mathematical modeling nearly three years in the making. The company said the software mines predictive analytics to make assurances about network performance, efficiency and security and give partners a strong foothold with customers eager to undergo digital transformation.

The system gives customers continuous visibility into the network, guarantees that the infrastructure is operating properly, and presents users with the ability to take corrective action when needed.

Cisco partners stand to make recurring revenue gains with life-cycle management and security services, the company said, and the company has made a significant investment to motivate partners to aggressively push the new capabilities.

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